In Vitro Fertilization in San Antonio, TX Can Help Couples Struggling To Conceive

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Health and Fitness


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Having a baby for many couples is easy, and for others can pose many challenges. Infertility is not something a woman thinks about when she wants to conceive and to deal with fertility issues can be heartbreaking. Many facilities operate in helping couples diagnose and treat infertility giving couples the chance to get pregnant and achieve the dream of having a family. Those suffering from the difficulty of becoming pregnant can try In Vitro Fertilization in San Antonio TX.

Discussing fertility issues with a doctor can assist couples with the option to try other methods of conceiving. In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is an invasive and expensive procedure that should be considered carefully before making the decision to start treatment. In some cases, IVF is the only option for women with certain medical conditions that prevent conceiving the traditional way. Another thing to consider is that IVF may not be covered by insurance and the cost is solely shouldered by the patient. Many fertility clinics can help patients with financing options should they decide to start treatments.

IVF involves taking both the egg from the patients and fertilizing the egg with the partner’s sperm outside the body then, at an exact point in the menstrual cycle implanting the newly fertilized eggs into the uterus. The odds of a woman getting pregnant once IVF has been performed vary depending on the age and health of the patient. A woman over 35 years of age has a lower chance of successfully getting pregnant than a woman who is younger. Doctors can also screen the eggs before fertilizing them to check for genetic abnormalities to ensure that the child does not inherit a chromosomal disorder. In patients who do not have viable eggs, there is the option to use donor eggs that have been screened. Parents can choose the donor based on characteristics that are similar to their own.

An In Vitro Fertilization in San Antonio TX can discuss all the options that are available and go over the procedures in detail before a couple makes a decision.Couples who want to know more about IVF and other tests for infertility should consult with a specialist. Ask a family physician or gynecologist for recommended facilities and doctors. A woman who is ready to become mothers should schedule an appointment today to start the testing and discuss fertility options.

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