In the Direst of Times Often Come the Greatest of Gifts: An Injury Lawyer in Taunton

There you are, on your way to work like every other day. You had worked really hard to get this job and thoroughly enjoy your work. All the things in life are lining up, maybe not exactly to plan, but well within the acceptable limits. You have your family to come home to, a great home in the suburbs, and a career that allows you the freedoms to have comfort and security in your life.

Things Can Turn on a Dime

You never even saw the car coming. There is a flash and a wave of pain, and a metallic taste fills your mouth. You then realize that your airbag has deployed and your car is now facing the opposite direction. A quick survey of yourself finds no terrible injury that you can see. You bit your tongue hard and it now throbs in your mouth. No other blood seems to be present, but there is a horrible pain in your left foot and ankle. They are most certainly broken.

Once the smoke clears and emergency personnel have done their noble work, it is determined that the other driver had missed seeing a light turn, driving his or her car directly into your passenger’s side door. The sight of your crumpled car leaves you happy that your family was safely somewhere else, knowing their safety would have been at serious risk if they had been with you. What will you do now to support them? You reach out for an injury lawyer in Taunton and find The Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel, PC. They assure you that they can help you moving forward.

Get Up, Stand Up

Pins and screws now help your ankle heal and you turn your mind back to work. Your boss has been understanding but you know that your position depends on you being able to walk, bend, lift, or even run if need be. You can’t do the job you had once done, and your injury lawyer is determined to do what it takes to assure your family’s security. An injury lawyer, you think to yourself. Who would have ever thought you needed one of these? View website for more info about an injury lawyer in Taunton.


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