In Case of a Flood All You Need Is More Water to Be Completely Prepared

Insurance is vital if you suffer from a flood, but it isn’t flood protection. If you can stop or minimize flooding, you’re way ahead of the game of planning for the potential devastation water can cause. How ironic, then, that it’s water that not only causes destruction but can save the day, too.

Flood Protection Products

When you think about floods, you might envision the aftermath of a hurricane or a river escaping its banks. People in lines filling sandbags and stacking them around doorways, hoping to keep most of the water out of structures. Flooding, though, is not restricted to coastal regions or along rivers.

The most common cause of the flooding is due to rain or snowmelt. The soil is unable to absorb it, and rivers can’t carry it off. Sandbags are old technology. Today, flood defense products that ultimately take the place of sandbags include:

  • BoomBag Tube is efficient and easy to store
  • FloodScreen, designed as a waterproof backing to be used with other products
  • Diverter Flexbag Tube is excellent for entrances and exits
  • And more

Click the link below to see the many helpful flood defense products.

How It Works

The flood barrier bags are easy to use and store. Just fill them with water. The internal absorbent polymer absorbs and holds water to inflate the bags. Each section is the length of a traditional sandbag.

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