Improving The Performance Of An Automated Plasma Cutter

While a CNC plasma cutter is an amazing piece of equipment that can produce exact copies of CAD models and drawings with incredible precision and very tight tolerances, it is not a system that can operate without human assistance.

Knowing how to get the most from any automated plasma cutter will help in producing the quality of parts and components needed while also minimizing waste. Different practices can also provide better cutting quality through different types of metals, eliminating the need for secondary finishing and re-working of material. This not only helps to increase throughput and productivity but it also saves time and gets orders out the door to customers faster.

Quality Consumables

Using cheap, low-cost consumables on a quality automated plasma cutter is a bit like buying a luxury vehicle and using the cheapest filters, oil, and fuel you can find. Using the correct, recommended consumables will provide a smoother, even cut that requires limited if any work after the plasma cutter is finished.

Keep it Cool

All plasma cutters will utilize a coolant to help to keep the system within safe operating temperatures. This coolant can become contaminated with dust and debris while decreases its effectiveness.

Check the coolant and filters regularly. Make sure to completely drain the coolant tank as well as flushing the lines to remove all sources of contamination before refilling.

Keep Upgrading

Technology keeps evolving in automated plasma cutter designs and features. To be able to provide the quality of cut and the features and functions customers require, staying on top of the latest in torches, consumables and even software can make a big difference in the quality of the cuts made by the system.

It will also be essential to maintain the entire CNC plasma cutter system as recommended by the manufacturer. If you don’t have the manual, contact the manufacturer or get a copy online to ensure you are meeting the recommendations.


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