Important Reasons to Hire a Licensed Electrician

Hiring an electrician to give a helping hand with a project taking place at home or in the business environment is not a decision to be made lightly. Just over half of people hiring an electrician will look for the ID badge, but it is essential that you always ask for proof of ID, as well as proof that the electrician is qualified, licensed, insured and registered. Someone who isn’t licensed won’t be as trustworthy as someone who is, so don’t just rely on word of mouth. By conducting a thorough search both online and offline to track down a licensed electrician that offers high quality workmanship and competitive prices, you can benefit in numerous ways.

Money Guarantee

A money guarantee is something that only a professional in the industry will offer, because it proves that they are licensed and are registered to perform a broad scope of jobs, such as shopfitting and antenna installation. When you are covered by this type of financial protection, you won’t need to worry about being out of pocket in the event that something is damaged or breaks following installation. The validity period will vary but typically, it will be one year minimum.

State Certification

If you want the electrician you hire to take safety seriously and understand every aspect of the job, choose one that is licensed. This license will prove that certification from the state has been obtained, and this is essential for the professional to know what state codes and regulations their work should comply with. It will also show that he or she has performed a number of hours worth of training. When you take into account that this training is usually unpaid, state certification makes the electrician look dedicated to the job and hardworking.

Quality Standards

An unlicensed electrician will not take quality standards as seriously as a licensed electrician will, therefore you can expect the quality of work to be lower. DIY jobs might be conducted with tools that aren’t safe and when it comes to dealing with electrical items, it really isn’t worth choosing low prices over good workmanship. Electricians that hold a license will conduct a conformity test on equipment, guaranteeing your safety. Ask to see photos of previously finished projects, so that you can have a proper look at what standard can be expected.

The electricians working at Azap Electrical are licensed and insured to complete jobs of all sizes.


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