As a proud Audi owner you know exactly what superior quality is. When you need to have your vehicle repaired you will want to feel confident that you will be getting Audi repair in Bucktown that you feel comfortable with, one where your Audi will get first class repair and service. There are many vehicle repair shops in the area but very few of them are attractive to discerning Audi owners. There are plenty of reasons why this is so but what matters most is not why they failed to make the cut but how you can avoid them and entrust your Audi with only the best. There are three very important factors that you must consider when it comes time to have your prestigious automobile repaired.

  • It doesn’t really matter whether you are taking your Audi in for routine service or something a lot more serious, what does matter is the way the shop goes about its business. You want a shop that does Audi repair in Bucktown that takes whatever time is necessary to do the job right. Driving in Chicago traffic can take its toll on any car, you want to ensure that your Audi is running at its peak at all times. The right shop is one that treats your Audi as if it was theirs.

  • Experience is extremely important when servicing and repairing rather exotic imports. You will want to entrust your car with a shop that has ample experience, not one that that simply says it knows what it’s doing.

  • Unfortunately not every repair shop is equal, there are those that will not think twice about overcharging based on the impression “if you can afford an Audi, you can afford to pay inflated charges.” It is extremely important that you work with people that are very ethical, people that know that when they do a good job at a fair price they will win repeat business.

Look for a company that does Audi repair in Bucktown that has been in business for many years, is dedicated to serving imported vehicles and is staffed by ASE certified technicians with access to OE parts and offers a warranty on parts and labor.

If you are looking for the best Audi repair in Bucktown then look no further than Chicago Motors Auto Service. With almost 40 years Chicago Motors has prided itself on providing the best Audi service and repair in the area. Visit them online at

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