Importance of Proper Maintenance of Parts Such as a Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora

A hydraulic system uses specialized fluid to transfer energy from one point to the next. A system like this is used in a variety of equipment and heavy machinery to support and lift large loads. Those who have tools or equipment that utilize a hydraulic system will want to keep up with the proper maintenance schedule so that they continue to operate safely. Here are some things to stay on top of whether it involves a Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora or other parts.

Check Filters

One of the leading causes of hydraulic system failure is contamination. This is where the filter comes in. Take the time to inspect the bag and screen components of the filter monthly and change as necessary.

Inspect & Replace Hydraulic Fluid

The filters do a lot of work themselves to avoid quick contamination. However, it is inevitable that the degradation of the hydraulic fluid will take place over time. To keep this from placing wear and tear on the equipment sooner than necessary, inspect the fluid regularly and replace it after every 50 hours of use. This will ensure that the fluid, as well as the hydraulic tools, stay in good condition for years to come.

Check Hoses, Tubes & Fittings

Each time that the equipment or machinery is used, it is critical to check the hoses, tubes, and fittings for any signs of damage. This will reduce the chances of system failure as well as maximize the lifespan of the different components. When any issues are detected, the parts need to be replaced before the machinery is used. This is to protect the machinery as well as to remain safe.

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