Immersive Acts – Performers that Take Your Event to the Next Level

So, you’ve got a big event coming up and you’d like to outfit it with the best in both décor and performing talent. Why not combine the two? Read on to find out how immersive acts are becoming an event trend you can’t forgo at your next occasion!

What is an Immersive Act?

Have you ever seen an installation in which people act as living, interactive décor? Think of major stores using live models in place of mannequins. This touch of life and expressiveness gives the installation a relatability that makes it far more visually appealing – and novel for spectators.

This is an immersive act. Using event performers as showpieces through interpretive dance, interaction with guests and viewers and using whimsical intricate costuming to act as living décor captures and keeps the attention of those who encounter it. This level of interaction and visual interest is a trend that isn’t likely to go away any time soon.

Where Do Immersive Acts Make Sense?

The short answer to this question is: almost everywhere! Every event from weddings to fashion shows can benefit from the beauty of performers as décor. So, too, can sales installations and theme parks. Whatever you’re trying to communicate with your décor, you can do it better with real people providing the looks!

Ready to Hire? Go Straight to the Source

New York is home to the best performers you’ll find anywhere in the US. People come to New York City from all over the world to find their calling on the stage or in costume. Pull from this incredible talent pool by hiring event performers in New York from one of the city’s best talent agencies. You’ll get the level of experience and performance quality you’re looking for – and the level of talent that will put your event over the top as one of the best in your guests’ memories!

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