Ignition Interlock Devices: Protecting Offenders and Keeping Others Safe

Those who commit certain crimes are more likely to commit similar offenses in the future. Known as recidivism, Texas courts are fighting this phenomenon with stronger penalties for subsequent offenses. DWI charges are often associated with alcohol dependence, but that fact won’t free you from the legal consequences. However, the IID (ignition interlock device) program may help. Here’s what you need to know about IIDs, or, you can ask a DUI attorney in San Antonio for more details.

IIDs: Preventing Recidivism and Keeping Texans Safe

Ignition interlock devices are a new advancement in road safety technology. These mobile breath analysis systems are installed in vehicles by court orders after a DWI conviction. If a person has had anything alcoholic to drink, the IID will prevent them from driving. To start your vehicle, you’ll have to perform a breath test and receive a negative result because the IID is part of the vehicle’s ignition system. From there, the device may require random tests while the vehicle is in operation. This prevents people from manipulating the system by having someone else blow into the device.

IID’s primary goal is to keep alcoholics from making decisions that endanger others. By keeping a person from starting their car, the IID keeps a known impaired driver from getting on the road, no matter how much they’ve had to drink.

IIDs Help DWI Offenders Too

Though the IID’s main purpose is to protect the general public from an offender’s bad decisions, they’re not just a way to punish someone for their history of intoxicated driving. Taking that outlook doesn’t benefit anyone who has to deal with DWI charges. IIDs are tools that help offenders establish and retain their independence. Without an ignition interlock device, drivers can’t regain their licenses so quickly. When a person lacks a driver’s license, they may not be able to hold a job or have much of social life. IIDs are restrictive, but they offer more freedom than one would have if they lose their license.

To learn more about Texas’ IID program and to speak with a DUI attorney in the San Antonio area, contact The Law Office of Jesse Hernandez.


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