If You Smoke, Have You Ever Tried A Smoking Cessation Program?

Deep down, many smokers (myself included) do actually believe that we should either quit completely or, at least substantially reduce the amount that we smoke. After all, the only thing that we need to do is to make the decision to stop. After that, Smoking Cessation should be automatic. Unfortunately for a majority of us smokers, it does not work out that way and we either never quit or we re-start after a relatively short period of time.

Should Confirmed Smokers Be Helped?

Some would say it is entirely up to us smokers to help ourselves since it is only a question of having the desire to quit our habit. Others are of the opinion that, for most regular, habitual smokers a formulated Smoking Cessation program is about the only way to get them to quit and they need help and guidance with such a program.

Pills, Alternate Nicotine Sources & Physical Aids

There can be no doubt that tobacco smoking is habit forming but, is it really a fully blown addiction? Those that believe it is the addiction to the nicotine from tobacco smoke that foils all their efforts at Smoking Cessation might find their solution in things like nicotine gum, patches or even straight nicotine from either a phial or in the form of a vapor inhaled from the mouth piece of an electronic cigarette. Others might see such methods as simply swapping one habit for a slightly different one without tackling the real root of the problem.

Why Do You Smoke?

It might be easier to quit if you knew the real answer to this question. It might be the nicotine but there are several other factors in the equation. It could be that the act of holding a cigarette gives you something to do with your hands which otherwise might show a habit to twitch somewhat. Maybe it’s an oral thing in so much as you get enjoyment from the act of sucking in the smoke and then blowing it out? Maybe the person you should turn to is a psychologist who could explain to you why you do it and then proceed to give you the motivation for a successful Smoking Cessation?

Cold Turkey Or Assisted

Either way, success is going to depend on how much you personally wish to succeed. The longest journey starts with a small step and, to quit smoking, the first step is for you to really want to succeed.



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