How You Should Change Your Skincare Products with the Seasons

As the climate changes, you switch the way your dress and eat to fit the shift in the environment. You wear warm clothes to protect your body in the winter, and cool outfits to stay refreshed in the summer. Similarly, you will need to rotate your face cleaning routine to give your skin the care it needs as the weather changes. Here is how you should change your skincare products with each season.

Autumn and Winter

During the chillier months, your skincare routine should focus more on protecting and nurturing your face. To get the help your skin needs, try skincare products in Fort Wayne loaded with vitamins, ceramides, and plant-based oils. It’s also okay to use a thicker, heavier product that has more fatty acids, as these cultivate health and hydration. Even though you don’t get as much sun in the winter, you should still apply SPF to prevent damage to your skin.

Spring and Summer

When it’s hot and humid outside, your skin can become oilier. Along with that, you also accumulate more sweat than you would during the other seasons. Rather than letting this sit on your skin for days, use a system that cleanses well without stripping needed moisture. Skincare products in Fort Wayne are best when they hydrate without making the skin shinier.

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