How You Should Change Your Skincare Products with the Seasons*

As the seasons change, we switch up all kinds of things in our routines,

the way we dress and eat, and especially our grooming habits all shift with

the environment. You wear warm clothes to protect your body in the winter,

and cool outfits to stay refreshed in the summer.

Similarly, you will want to rotate your face cleaning routine to give your

skin the care it needs as the weather changes. Here is how we recommend you

change your skincare products with each season.

*Autumn and Winter*

During the chillier months, your primary concern is dryness and you want to

take particular care to protect and nurture your skin especially your face.

To get the help your skin needs, start with a natural “super-fatted” soap,

this will help to get the skin clean, while the leftover oils in the soap

act as the first line of moisturizer that you’re thirsty skin will need.

The next step is moisturizing, so try skincare products loaded with

vitamins, ceramides, and plant-based oils. It’s also okay to use a thicker,

heavier product that has more fatty acids, as these cultivate health and

hydration. Even though you don’t get as much sun in the winter, you should

still apply SPF to prevent damage to your skin.

There are many great locally made options in Fort Wayne and these are the

types of soaps that will generally be “super-fatted” and contain the

ingredients we’ve discussed. As a bonus tip – one often overlooked part of

the skin is the lips, the value of a natural lip balm should never be


*Spring and Summer*

When it’s hot and humid outside, your skin can become oilier. You may also

accumulate more sweat than you would during the other seasons. Rather than

letting this sit on your skin for days, adjust your routine to one that

cleanses well without stripping away needed moisture.

We suggest using a facial bar with a light exfoliant to scrub off the dead

skin and buildup, soaps with peppermint or tea tree have the added effects

of opening the pores and helping the skin to feel cooler during the hot


For the body, we again suggest a super-fatted soap to help clean the skin

and provide most of the moisture you would need. If you find that your skin

is still a tad dry, pick up a light moisturizer to add to the skin after

you towel off.

For the lips, you’ll want to grab a lip balm with some SPF protection as

well. There are many great locally made products here in Fort Wayne that

would fit the bill.

In the spirit of supporting local businesses, one of our favorites is

Household 5 Soap Company. They have awesome products for every season and

carry not only their own products but also fantastic soaps and skincare

products from other local Fort Wayne makers as well.

We love their Chaotic Neutral bar – it has activated charcoal and is great

at removing make-up and helping to control acne.

They are always happy to help customers learn about better skincare, you

can reach out via their website or drop by their retail

location in the Georgetown Shopping Center!


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