How Wood Paneling Simplifies Construction and Renovation

by | Oct 12, 2016 | aluminum


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Fred was thinking about turning his garage into an entertainment room for the entire family. James ran a home improvement business and was visiting with a potential client about a room addition. Both Fred and James can enjoy a wide range of benefits from wood paneling installed with easy to use panel-clips. In fact, paneling offers many important benefits and here are some you may wish to think about, before starting your next project.

What are Wall Panels?

When we speak of paneling we are talking about wood panels which are fastened to existing walls. They can be used to cover up unsightly or damaged wallboard or to cover newly installed plasterboard. Panels come in a wide range of materials and some are made to look like real oak, cherry, maple and a number of fine woods.

Why Wood?

Wood helps to set a mood or tone for a room. It can turn a bedroom into a cozy den or office. There is an aesthetic value to wood which no other kind of material has to offer. For example, take the rich and appealing look of finely finished mahogany. Many people find natural wood to be very soothing and relaxing and it gives a feeling of “being at home”.

Ease of Installation

Would you like to install new walls without the many problems associated with installation? When you choose new paneling with easy to install z or panel-clips the process is fast and simple. Z clips can easily be attached to walls and panels and one fits into the other. After clip installation, it is a simple matter of hanging your new panels on the clips.

Have you ever tried to remove panels from a wall (which have been installed with adhesive)? It is not a pleasant ordeal to say the least. Nail and screw removal can also be a major chore and can cause a lot of damage. With z clips, removal is as simple as taking the panels off the clips. With this type of installation, you won’t have to use nails, screws or adhesive.

Additional Benefits

If you install new plasterboard, you’ll need to use tape and drywall compound. In addition, there is quite a bit of skill involved in getting the job done right. If not done properly, your walls could be very unsightly and unattractive. With paneling hung by panel-clips, there is no finishing work to worry about. And because you do not use nails, you have no need for puttying and sanding afterwards.

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