How Wire Shelving Can be Used Throughout Your Office Space

There are many benefits that wire shelving can provide in an office space. It is a light, small scale storage option that can still hold significant weight, making it extremely versatile. It is also easy to clean and provides visibility and ventilation for all items stored. When choosing storage options for your own office space, consider the following ways in which wire shelving might be used.

Stock room

If you are required to keep stock in your office, it may make the space feel cluttered and crowded. If you place items in storage containers, however, you may have difficulty finding them in a hurry.

Wire shelving provides a high density storage solution. This means you can store more items with less floor space. The shelves are strong enough to support heavy storage containers, filled with any products you stock.

If you do not have a separate stock room, wire shelving can help make the stock appear as neatly arranged as possible. Even multiple wire shelving units will not feel too bulky, as they have an open and simple design.

Shared storage

Open office design has become more popular over recent years. It is common for large groups of employees to share on large space. In this case, storage can be difficult. You may need to store items in the center of the workspace. If you choose shelves with backing, they will not be accessible from all sides.

Wire shelving is open all the way around, allowing quick access. It can be placed at intervals around your office space, allowing employees to access files, stock or supplies quickly.

The open design also means you can see what it placed on the shelves, even from a distance. This can make it easier for employees to find what they are looking for.

Open plan office divider

If you have a large, one-room open office, you may need to divide into separate areas. Using wire shelving units to do this means you can use it as both a screen and storage.

Because it is not enclosed on any side, you can maintain the open feeling of the room. It will not block light from natural windows and allows HVAC to operate unimpeded.

Office supplies

If your office supplies are stored in cabinets or cupboards, it may be difficult to locate certain items when you need them. A simple solution can be to section smaller supplies into containers with clear labelling and place them on open wire shelving.

Long term filing

Long term filing should take up as little space as possible, as the items will not be frequently needed. However, many offices require that long term filing be on hand at all times. A medical or law office, for example, may need files on short notice.

Wire shelving can hold long term filing boxes or containers in high density. The open design allows you to quickly locate any file boxes on the shelves as soon as they are needed.

Product samples

Even if you store keeps most inventory offsite, you may be required to keep product samples in your office. Wire shelving is strong enough to hold a variety of products. Unlike more industrial shelving, however, wire shelving can fit into any office design with discretion.

Because wire shelving is hygienic, you can even use it to store perishable stock samples. The open design keeps all stored items well ventilated, cool, and dry, for optimal storage conditions.

Fast expansion

If you have recently undergone an expansion, you may need to set up additional office space quickly. Wire shelving is easy to install, allowing you to get back to work as soon as possible.

In addition, wire shelving can be broken down in little time. This means any future moves made to a new office can be completed with additional ease and speed.


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