How Will the Dentist in South River Save Your Tooth From Loss?

When your tooth becomes damaged, you could end up losing it and needing dental implants or dentures. To avoid loss, the Dentist in South River can treat your tooth. This treatment can help to remove the diseased or infection, so your tooth is no longer in danger. This information will help you in knowing what to expect when you are in need of a root canal, so you can feel at ease.

This procedure begins with you being numbed in the area being worked on. You will be numbed through a numbing gel and then shots. This is done because a root canal is an invasive procedure and could cause you pain and discomfort while you are being worked on.

Once you are under anesthetic, the Dentist in South River will work towards gaining access to the inner area of your tooth. A hole must be made so the dentist can extract all of the diseased tissue in the tooth. The dentist uses tools to remove this tissue. If the nerve has become diseased, it may need to be removed as well.

When all of the pulp has been removed, the dentist will use tools to clean the inside surfaces of your root structures. This is done to make sure the inside of your tooth is completely cleaned out. The dentist will pack the tooth with antibiotics if you have an infection. If infection is found, the dentist will not seal the tooth with a filling until it has been cleared.

Once your tooth has been scraped clean, the dentist will fill it with a dental resin material. The resin not only prevents food from entering the tooth, but it also helps to strengthen and stabilize the tooth.This ensures your tooth remains functional.

If you need a Dentist in South River, They offer many dental services, to help ensure your smile stays healthy. They also offer emergency and cosmetic dentistry services, to take care of all of your family’s dental needs. Contact them today for your appointment, so you can see what types of dental treatments will best benefit your smile.






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