How to Win a Traffic Accident Lawsuit

If you’re in a car, chances are you’ve at least been in a fender-bender and had to deal with insurance companies. However, when you’re in a major automobile accident, the stakes get much higher. You can be talking about a matter of life and death in some cases, and that’s often where the law gets involved. If you’ve survived a car accident and are seeking damages, here are a few tips on how you can win your case.

1. The Scope of Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents are a national problem. According to ASIRT (Association for Safe International Road Travel), over 37,000 people die every year in the United States from car crashes. In 2017 alone, Maryland had 557 automobile-related deaths, up seven percent from the previous year. Car accident statistics indicate that this problem isn’t going away. There are simply too many drivers on the road to assume that driving tests and training are going to deter every single one from being reckless. That’s the reality you’re facing when you get behind the wheel.

2. What To Do After an Accident

If you find yourself in a traffic accident, the first thing to do is thank the almighty that you’re alive. The second is to start gathering information. Don’t wait for the other driver to make up a reason for the crash and then go your separate ways. There’s no chance you’ll win a settlement in court without evidence. The first thing you should do is call the police to report the accident and have them take an official report. The second is to get the other driver’s contact information, including full name and telephone number, and snap a few pictures of the damage to your vehicle. If you require medical attention, make sure to photograph your injuries and retain all paperwork from the hospital or doctor. These items will strengthen your case should you pursue a lawsuit with an automobile accident lawyer in Maryland.

3. Consult a Lawyer

The last step is to consult a lawyer. Find out someone who’s local and comes with a roster of satisfied clients. Most accident lawyers offer a free consultation to go over the details of your case and assess whether or not it has enough merit to win in court. Generally, personal injury lawyers who deal in car accidents, as well as other damages, work on a contingency basis, which means they only get paid if you do. You need to win your case to pay the attorney. A lawyer will only take on your case if they think it will stand up in a court of law.

Surviving a car crash can be a traumatic and injurious experience on multiple levels. If you feel that you’re entitled to compensation for damages, including pain and suffering, contact a lawyer today.


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