How To Use Hearing Aids in Bethlehem PA

Persons who are just beginning to wear Hearing Aids in Bethlehem PA need some time to adjust to their new situation. Some may require a day or two, while others can take a few weeks or in rare cases, even months. Unfortunately, no one perfect way exists to learn about and get accustomed to hearing aids.

It is usually recommended to wear the hearing aids for just a few hours on the very first day and increase by an hour on subsequent days. It’s best not to try and set an endurance record. As time goes by, slowly increase the expanse of time used in wearing the hearing aids until it takes up a good deal of one’s waking hours.

During the first few days, it’s best to interact with people who are very familiar. Start off in a listening environment that’s favorable (preferably one-on-one discussions in a quiet place) and slowly work up to more difficult situations such as at social gatherings. During the first few weeks, never attempt to wear them to a restaurant or a cocktail party, as it will be difficult to adjust to such a noisy environment.

The following are guidelines for using Hearing Aids in Bethlehem PA within the first few weeks of getting them.

Ensure the hearing aids are worn only in a home environment.

Only wear them for as long as is comfortable and once it becomes uncomfortable, remove them.

Use them in conversations with just a single individual.

Don’t strain to try to catch each word because even those with normal hearing still do not hear every word being said.

Don’t get discouraged by any background noise.

SLOWLY increase tolerance levels for loud sounds.

Try discriminating speech sounds.

Listen to materials or books being read aloud.

Gradually increase the number of people participating in a discussion.

Hearing aids work beautifully when adjusted and fitted properly. The right and left hearing aids may not fit exactly in the same way and may not sound the same. It is possible to like one of the hearing aids better than the other one. Nonetheless, use of hearing aids ought to be comfortable on sound quality and physical fit.

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