How to Spot Tax Filing Experts from Tax Scammers in Tulsa, OK

With tax season upon you, you’re probably considering using a tax expert to help with your taxes. However, you have to be careful with answering the emails and calls that you receive from people claiming to be tax experts. Many of these individuals are likely scammers who just want your money or private information. Here’s how you can ensure your tax filing in Tulsa, OK, is with a legitimate expert rather than a scammer.

  • Accredited Business

When searching for a tax expert to help prepare and file your taxes, you should take a thorough look at their website. You’ll want to find the name of the business and run it through the BBB to see what their rating is. Depending on their score, you should be able to tell whether or not the business is legitimate.

  • Read Reviews

Another step you can take to ensure you’re working with the real deal is to read reviews. Some websites will offer testimonials from those who have worked with them before. This is a good place to start. However, you should also expand your search to third-party review sites where people might have a different take on their experience with the business.

File Your Taxes the Smart Way

If you need a trusted expert to help with your tax filing in Tulsa, OK, then you need to work with Brown, Chism, & Thompson. Check out all of their services at and rest easy knowing your taxes are in safe hands.


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