How To Select A Gemstone Ring

Gemstone rings come in all shapes and sizes and are the perfect piece of jewelry to add to your collection. You can also give these away since they make remarkable and breathtaking gifts. However if you haven’t purchased a gemstone ring in the past, you may not know where to begin. With a basic understanding of how to select a gemstone ring, you will be well on your way to making the right choice for you.

The same rules apply

When it comes to gemstone ring buying, the same rules of cut, color, clarity, and carat that are applied to diamonds can be used as well. These guidelines help to guide the shopper towards a higher end gemstone that will be both beautiful and valuable. However there are additional considerations to make with a gemstone ring such as the tonality of the ring.

Choosing the right tonality

IF you are buying an emerald ring, you will want to choose one with a deep green hue which denotes a rich tonality. This is an indicator that the emerald is of very high value and will retain its worth over time instead of decreasing. Ruby rings should be a deep and rich red hue while sapphire rings should be a deep blue. Washed out colors may appeal to some who favor more pastel like colors however this isn’t generally how the gemstone rings are chosen.

Hardness of the gemstone ring

In addition to tonality, it also helps to consider the hardness of the ring. Rubies are some of the hardest rings after diamonds and rank a number 9 on the Moh’s scale of hardness. If one is considering a gemstone ring that is both strong and durable, a ruby ring is a great option to consider adding to the collection.


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