How to Select a Beverly Hills Primary Care Physician

As people age, the more important it becomes to have a primary care physician or PCP. These medical doctors, also known as family doctors, work to build a relationship with their patients. Over time, this builds trust and makes it easier for patients to discuss often difficult topics with their healthcare professionals.

In Beverly Hills, people can choose from many different primary care doctors. One good option for anyone to consider is a primary care physician that offers concierge medicine.

The Concierge Medicine Option

A primary care physician that provides concierge medicine is sometimes known as a direct primary care provider. Unlike a traditional PCP, a concierge doctor provides a range of different options to see patients. This could include tele-health appointments, office appointments, and home visits, where the doctor goes to the patient’s home.

Working with a PCP that practices concierge medicine in Beverly Hills is an ideal option for patients who have difficulty getting to appointments or those who have busy schedules. It is also an exceptional choice if mobility is a concern for the patient.

Time with the Doctor

In addition to choosing the type of services and the model used by the PCP, patients should also consider the amount of time they have to speak directly with the doctor. Most patients have experienced frustration with the short time they actually have to communicate at an appointment, resulting in unanswered questions or an incomplete understanding of healthcare recommendations.

Look for a physician with a focus on genuine patient care. An individualized, preventative healthcare focus and time to ask questions should always be a factor to consider when choosing a PCP.

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