How To Provide Safe Chews For Puppies

Bringing home, a new puppy is an exciting time for anyone. Every new puppy owner wants to make sure they are doing the right thing in choosing food, toys, bedding, treats and chew toys for their new addition to the family.

Choosing safe chews for puppies is important for both the puppies health as well as the protection of things around the house. By selecting a nutritious, satisfying chew, you can help to eliminate the need to chew of other items around the house, preventing a bad behavior before it gets started.

Safe Ingredients

The key factor in choosing healthy safe chews for puppies is to look closely at the ingredients. The big concern for any puppy owner is to eliminate rawhide. Rawhide is not nutritious, and it is not fully digested in the body, even after 24 hours in a dog’s digestive tract.

Choose puppy chews that are 100% rawhide free. Top ingredients to look for include real chicken, baked pork skin, milk, and peanut butter. Baked pork skin is the whole skin, similar to pork rinds that are a popular snack for people.

Safe Size

The other safety issue in safe chews for puppies is the size of the chew. Look for a puppy chew that is small enough for the puppy to carry in his or her mouth and get a full chewing effect. It should also be large enough that it cannot be swallowed, which can lead to choking.

Some of the larger breeds of puppies and the more aggressive chewers may be a good match for chew bones sized for small or medium dogs. Trying different shapes and designs makes it easy to find the perfect fit for the puppy’s mouth and chewing style.

Only give puppies one chew bone a day after they have been weaned. Also, always supervise the puppy when he or she is enjoying the bone to be able to respond if there are any issues.


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