How to Prepare to Meet With the Bankruptcy Lawyer in Hamilton OH

Meeting with an attorney can help a person determine their best legal recourse for overcoming their debt. A consultation appointment starts the process and gives individuals the information they need so they can make a sound decision for their financial needs. This information seeks to inform individuals of how they can prepare for their meeting with the Bankruptcy Lawyer in Hamilton OH.

Tips For Preparing

The first meeting with the Bankruptcy Lawyer in Hamilton OH can be a little overwhelming for a person. Being prepared helps to ensure the meeting with be a successful one that does not waste time for either party. One of the most important aspects of preparing for this meeting is gathering all of the necessary documents the lawyer will need to see.

  • The last two years of tax return documents
  • At least seven months of bank statements
  • At least seven months of paystubs
  • Two years of profit and loss statements for those who are self-employed
  • Foreclosure documents
  • Mortgage and loan documents
  • Life insurance policy copy
  • Copies of investment and retirement accounts
  • List of all debts, including contact information and amounts
  • Car valuation
  • List of all monthly expenses

Having all of these documents prepared for the meeting will help to prevent needless delays from occurring. The more informed the lawyer is given, the better equipped they will be to help guide their client in making the right choices for their financial needs.

A lawyer can offer a client a couple of bankruptcy options, depending on the client’s financial needs. Chapter 7 is the fastest option and is primarily for those with unsecured debts while Chapter 13 takes longer and helps with secured debts such as a mortgage.

Schedule an Appointment

Those who are dealing with more debt than their pay allows will find it helpful to schedule a consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer. With the help of a lawyer, the process of overcoming debt through bankruptcy will be much easier. Call the office today to Schedule An Appointment. They will be happy to help you with your debt so you can start anew and be given a second chance.

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