How to Pick the Right Car Hire Agency for You

You have decided that you would like to hire a car on you next trip abroad. You go onto the internet and run an internet search for the available car hire agencies in the place where you are going and the sheer number of names that pop out dazzles your eyes. Perhaps you recognize a few but, chances are, that many of the names mean nothing to you.

Which to pick? Which is best?

The Familiar Names

Should you go with what you know and pick the familiar names? By virtue of having operations in another country, it would mean that they are an international company with, hopefully, international standards. They would also be more likely to have more resources since they would get more business from people being familiar with them and choosing to use their services instead. This would mean that their cars may be better equipped or better maintained.

The downside?

They are more likely to command a higher premium compared to the more local offerings since they are more well-established with higher operating costs to deal with. They may also not provide the best value or services.

The Local Names

Since they are names you don’t recognize, if you can read them at all, it is safe to say that these are local car hire agencies. Hiring a car with local companies may also be good in that they know better what cars work better on their roads and which don’t. Going with the local choice may save you some money but that may not mean much if your experience with the car hire is negative. Picking the right local car hire agency can be tricky but if you do your homework, it can be done. A little bit of digging on the internet would reveal which are genuinely good and which are not so good.

Travel-focused websites may have entries reviewing the local car hire companies where other travelers share their experiences with the car hire company. Don’t forget to also visit the website of these car hire companies in order to find out about their range of cars for a car that suits your fancy and, more importantly, for the extra services that they offer. For example, Solid Car Rental, which operates in San Jose, reachable on their website, offers value-added services such as GPS and child safety seat rentals, professional drivers for hire for chauffeuring and even pick-up and drop-off services. Find a car hire company that suits your need.

By investing a little effort, you may be able to get a good experience out of your next car hire abroad.


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