How to Pick a Wedding Planner

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and planning it will take a lot of work. Charleston Wedding Planners can help you with this task, but you will want the right one. Before picking one, keep these things in mind:

Know Your Options
Don’t pick the first planner you meet. You will want to speak with at least three or four. This will give you a better idea of who you feel comfortable with. Visit each of their websites, look at décor, lighting and colors. If everything you see on his or her website is glamorous and you want a small wedding, then you may want another planner.

Speak with Their References
Ask their references questions, ones that will be most important to you. Some examples are:
Did they stay in budget?
Did they properly interpret your vision?
Were they responsive?
Were there any issues at the wedding or did it go smooth?

Don’t be afraid to ask, this is your big day and you want somebody who will properly represent your ideas. If you are uncomfortable in any way, walk away. You have no obligation to hire anybody you don’t want to!

Decide on Your Planner
Take all the time you need to compare notes, impressions, pricing and proposals. Once you have made a decision, call and let them know promptly so they can get the contract ready and you can proceed. Once you have given your deposit and signed the contract, you will be on your way to designing your big day!

Keep in mind that you want a planner who is organized and who makes you feel comfortable and at ease. A wedding planner should have questions for you also, such as wishes, budget, what your vision is and level of maintenance. Charleston Wedding Planners have the experience needed to guide you through your special day.

Do not hire a planner who has no references and who is critical of your ideas. If the person is not listening and not backing you up, that should be considered a red flag.

Elizabeth Anne Planning and Events can provide you with the wedding planner you need. Visit our website here for information or call us at 843.437.9606.


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