How to Pass Your Next Smog Check

 For residents of Watsonville, Smog Check in Watsonville CA is a routine procedure. Every two years, vehicles must have their emissions tested for output of harmful chemicals. This examination is known as a smog check, and failure can result in stiff penalties, fines and more. To be sure this doesn’t happen to you, read on for some top tips on passing your next smog check!

Make Sure Your Check Engine Light is Not On

The display of a “check engine” light on your car’s dash is an automatic smog check failure. Ensure that your vehicle is in good working order before the date of your test.

Drive at Highway Speeds for Two Weeks

Before your test, make an effort to drive your vehicle at highway speeds daily for about two weeks. This will help the catalytic converter get hot enough to burn out any excessive gas or oil remnants that might be lingering, making your emissions cleaner.

Check the Inflation of Your Tires

If your vehicles tires are under-inflated, the engine will have to work harder to achieve the speeds required for the test, therefore burning more fuel and creating less-desirable emissions. Checking the air pressure of your tires before your test can save you this grief.

Top Off Fuel Levels

Make sure your coolant levels are adequate before your test is run, as the car will be put through its paces while stationary, giving air less chance to create a natural cooling currant Additionally, the angel at which cars are held during the test may cause a low tank of gas to create fumes that would make failure almost inevitable. Fill your tanks before you go!

Get Your Test Done by Industry-Leading Professionals

Kadotani Auto Repair is a Smog Check in Watsonville CA provider bearing the state government’s STAR program certification. This indicates that they offer service which adhere to strict, industry-leading standards and ensure an accurate result. Be sure to have your test conducted by a qualified station to obtain the best possible reading. For more information visit



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