How to Pair Pennsylvania’s Local Nano, Micro and Craft Brews With Food

The state of craft beer Blue Bell PA boasts an outstanding array of award-winning nano, micro and craft breweries. Many products are on tap at your local watering hole, and dozens are available year-round for purchase in can or bottle. Stellar brews are scrumptious alone, but they’re even better when paired with good eats. Here’s your basic guide on pairing beer with food.

Consider the Three C’s of Food & Beer Pairing

There are no hard and fast rules about pairing food and bear, but the three C’s can help you narrow your choices more intelligently for a better drinking experience. The three C’s are Contrast, Complement and Cleanse.


Just like wine, bright, acidic or bitter beers cleanse and balance your palate when bold, spicy or fatty food is on the menu. Conversely, more pronounced, fatty eats, tend to tame and even out the sharpness of hoppy beer.


Ideally, beer and food should marry. To achieve this union, pair beers and foods that have similar weight in terms of flavor and taste profile. Lighter beers, such as wheat and light lager, do well with some seafood, hearty salads, lighter Mexican fare like salsa or tapas. Dark lagers tend to augment everything that’s wonderful about bold stews, burgers and brats.


To create delicious contrast in your beer and food pairings, let opposites attract. Be sure that the beer and the dish in question each have one, big, dominant flavor whose contrast shines through with each bite or gulp: Imperial IPA and spicy, fried food; dry stouts and oysters; porters and barbecue.

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