How to Know When it’s Time to Call Your Furnace Repairman

No one likes calling for home repairs. It can stressful finding time to be home to greet the repair professionals and setting aside funds for repairs, but sometimes they are simply unavoidable. Before you call for furnace repair, though, check out this short list of potential issues that can be fixed at home.

Simple Fixes
Some small but important amendments that can be made at home to prevent the need for repairs include:

  • Make sure the heat is on – and not the air.
  • Make sure that the temperature setting your system is adjusted to is higher than the current indoor temperature.
  • Ensure that the unit has power supplied to all necessary parts.
  • Check your air filter. If your filter is dirty or needs replacing, it could be causing major problems. Be sure that your filter is clean and in good working order before calling for repairs.
  • Make sure there is air coming out of your vents. If not, you may be experiencing an obstruction, or a complete mechanical failure. These are both problems that will likely require professional assistance.

Still Not Working? Time to Call the Pros

If you’ve checked these potential problems and are still experiencing an interruption in the function of your HVAC system it may be time for professional furnace repair. If you suspect your system may be in need of repair or maintenance it is important to contact a qualified repairman promptly, to avoid further damage. Some issues can even damage a system to the point of requiring complete replacement, an avoidable circumstance if only the homeowner had called for help sooner!

Audubon, PA residents can contact the professionals at Horizon Services Inc. for furnace repair, system installation and replacement and many other HVAC-related services.

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