How to Know a Homeowner Needs Residential Air Conditioner Repair

It is important for all homeowners to know when they are in need of Residential Air Conditioner Repair. It is wise to have knowledge of the signs to look for so a homeowner does not end up without air or having to buy a new unit. As long as maintenance is regularly performed on the system, it should last at least 15 years. Here are some key things to look for to know if it is time to call a professional to look at the system.

Cool Air Is No Longer Blowing

One very obvious sign it is in need of Residential Air Conditioner Repair is if it has stopped doing its main job. If the unit refuses to blow cold air, this is a warning sign that perhaps the compressor has failed. It could also mean there are low Freon levels in the unit as well. This is why the homeowner needs to contact a professional service to check the unit.

The Air Flow Is Weak

If it seems like the unit is having issues when it comes to air flow, it is a wise to call a professional repair company. It is possible to guess what the problem is, but only a professional will know for sure. It could be a compressor issue or a ductwork problem. It could also be due to the fact that dirt and debris are caught in the vents, which can lead to major health issues and should be addressed immediately.

Strange Sounds Are Heard From the Unit

Another obvious sign there is an issue with the unit is if grinding, grating, or squealing noises can be heard. If caught early enough, all the homeowner will likely need are minor repairs. However, if the individual waits too long to have a professional look at it, he or she may end up needing an entirely new system.

Some warning signs are very clear while others have to have trained knowledge to know it means there is an issue with the air conditioner. Be sure to choose a company that is approved by the BBB. Contact All Service Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.

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