How to Install 5Kw Solar System

Solar energy – it is available in abundance and you would be crazy not to take advantage of it! There are so many appliances out there now that are powered by solar energy; even cars. The fact that it is sourced from the sun means that it never runs out and as a result, you can cut the cost of your annual energy bills and leave a much smaller carbon footprint. Hiring someone who knows what they are doing to install a solar system is the first step to becoming more eco-conscious. With so many systems to choose from, it’s not uncommon to feel slightly perplexed when shopping for green products like these. Once upon a time, the market was saturated with 1.5 kilowatt systems but now, 5kw are fast becoming the system of choice.

What is a 5kw System?

The micro-inverters in a solar system will play a big role, because they will be responsible for converting DC electricity into AC electricity. Since solar powered products were first introduced to the world many years ago, micro-inverter technology has improved immensely. The basic 1.5 kilowatt systems are quickly being replaced by 5 kilowatt systems. What’s the difference, you ask? Well, approximately 600 kilowatt hours of energy can be produced by this type of system every single month, which is a whole lot of energy! In fact, so impressive is the energy output that it makes a 5kw system ideal for residential use.

Steps for Installation

Not everyone is brave enough to go down the do-it-yourself route when it comes to solar system installation. Despite this it is possible, to an extent. Be sure to read instructions carefully, gather the right equipment and wear safety clothing if necessary. Electricians or solar professionals should focus on the wiring and metering side of things, but you will have the privilege of choosing parts.

Hiring a Professional

If you feel a bit confused about the whole process of installing a 5kw solar system yourself, don’t risk it. Attempting to fit a system without the right tools, knowledge and expertise could be disastrous. Not only could it prevent the solar system from working as it should but also, it could put you and others at risk of danger. Search the web to read reviews on solar system installation experts in your area and find out what industry experience they have. Most companies that sell and fit solar products will have a full-time maintenance team on hand so that should something go wrong unexpectedly, you will be covered.


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