How to Go about Home Damage Restoration in Panama City

The foundation of your house is the base on which the whole building stands. However, in certain places, such as Panama City, the chances of foundation damage are very high. For instance, if your house is located close to a sinkhole, the foundation of your house may get damaged. Cracks in the foundation can cause your whole house to tilt towards one side, which is incredibly dangerous.

However, there are plenty of companies that offer home damage restoration in Panama City. If you feel that your house is tilting towards one side, or that there’s a slight vibration in the walls, it might be due to a damaged foundation. Here are a few things that you need to know about home damage restoration:

What Does Foundation Repair Cost?

When you first call in a company to inspect the damage to the foundation of your house, they will take a look at the base of the house and assess the damage. Often times, the foundation gets damaged due to water leakage. The costs will vary depending upon certain variables. Here are a few:

• Type of foundation: the type of foundation can have a major impact on the cost. Some foundations are more expensive to repair than others are. For instance, a foundation that was created out of poured concrete is generally harder to fix than a foundation created from brick or stone.

• The magnitude of the damage: Obviously, the amount of repair work to be done will determine the total cost of repairs. During the inspection phase, the company will decide the extent of the damage and then give you a final quote about how much the repair work will cost.

Signs and Symptoms

There are plenty of different signs and symptoms that indicate damage to the foundation. Before calling the home damage restoration guys, you should look out for the following signs and symptoms:


The most obvious sign of a damaged foundation is the appearance of cracks in the walls. If your walls start to crack, it might indicate that the foundation is shifting towards one side, thus putting unnecessary pressure on one side. Most people often think that cracks in the walls are due to cheap quality cement. Instead, it’s worth your while to get the foundation inspected too.

Misaligned Doors

If the door isn’t closing properly and is misaligned from the hinges, it might indicate a damaged foundation. As the foundation tilts towards one side, the doors and windows may get misaligned, thus making it difficult for you to close them properly. Companies such as Ram Jack Solid Foundations provide a wide variety of foundation repair services.


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