How To Find A Chicago Guitar Buyer

Whether you’ve got something that was signed by a famous person or just don’t want it anymore, you may need to find a Chicago guitar buyer for your old guitars. However, it can be tricky to do, especially if you aren’t sure where to start. You may be able to go to the place where you purchased it, and they may be able to help. Otherwise, you’re stuck selling by owner, which can be time-consuming and hard.

Online Yard Sale

There are many websites devoted to having online yard sales, where you put photos up of the things you want to sell and people contact you. Many are found on social media websites, such as Facebook, and can help you spread the word about what you want to sell. However, many people dislike these options because they can’t touch the piece or see if there are any scratches or problems.

Traditional Yard Sale

Traditional yard sales are another way to sell guitars, but it probably isn’t the best way. First, the whole point of a yard sale is to get a bargain. Therefore, you’re unlikely to make decent money selling your piece. Second, people could damage the item by touching it or being too hard with it.


Craigslist and your local newspaper may seem like good options, as well, because you can post pictures and talk with those who are interested. However, it’s still somewhat similar to the online yard sale, because people can’t see it for themselves to know it’s real. Many people have been taken advantage of when selling or buying things online.

Online Resell Shops

Online resell shops aren’t usually the best option, either. The theory is you get money based on the item and then they will resell the item to someone who wants it or who can use it. However, it is easy for these companies to be deceiving because they work online. You don’t meet with them and get to know them, so you aren’t sure if they’re legitimate. You may send in the item and never get paid, or you may buy something and it never get delivered.

Traditional Resell Shops

Traditional resell shops are typically the best choice because you can go in, see their stock, know they’re a real company and ask questions. You can bring in your guitar and walk out with money.

A Chicago guitar buyer can come from anywhere, but you’re probably better off selling to a company who can then sell it to someone who wants it. Contact Chicago Gold Gallery website for more details.


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