How to Convince a Loved One to Get Addiction Care

Drug addiction is one of the most sensitive subjects you’ll ever have to discuss. However, it’s necessary to discuss it if you want to help your loved one. These are three approaches you can take if you need to convince someone to go to one of the drug treatment centers Fort Lauderdale offices:

The Supportive Approach

The supportive approach is highly effective because it lets the person know you love him or her. Additionally, it’s a nonjudgmental approach that is likely to get positive results. The person will most likely seek treatment if he or she believes that a loving family will be there to offer support after the program ends. Many people don’t feel as though they have that option, so they don’t bother getting help.

The Narrative Approach

The narrative approach is a tactic that tells a story. Perhaps you know someone who has graduated from an addiction recovery program successfully. The prospect will be happy to hear the success story and may react to it well. If you have your own personal story to tell, you can tell that too. That may be even better. Be open and forthcoming, and the other person will do the same to you.

The Stern Approach

The stern approach is something you would use if you were doing something like an intervention to get the person to go to a drug treatment centers Fort Lauderdale programs. It’s the same thing as a “tough love” approach where you and your family members explain how much the addicted person’s behaviors have impacted your lives. These truths will most likely spark an incentive in that person to want to get better.

Dr. Leeds offers many compassionate and comprehensive recovery plans to fight a variety of addictions. You can direct your loved one there for help with opiate addiction detox, rehabilitation, advice and more. Don’t hesitate to speak up and then reach out for help.


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