How To Choose Pivot Doors

If you have decided that pivot doors could be beneficial in your home, you want to learn how to choose them, so you have the best options. There is a total of eight steps that must be completed before you can enjoy your newly installed door, so you may want to start the process sooner rather than later.


You should consider everything you want from your door whether it be wood, glass, both or anything else. You’ll also wish to think about the design and size though the company you work with can usually help you with this step.


The whole point of a new door is to have it fit properly, so you’ll want to consider the swing specifications, as well as the threshold and jamb specifications. This will ensure that the door fits properly with enough room to open and close fully.


Many times, doors can include sidelight or transom light. If you would like that option, you will want to make sure the company knows this as soon as possible so they can create one seamless door for you with the lighting you want.

Closing and Handles

The door needs to have handles and a way to fully close, so it’s necessary to consider those options. If you want the company to install whatever they want or are using a pre-fab door, you may not need to consider this step. However, most people would prefer customised handles and closing features to help match décor and the style of the home.


Once you know exactly what you want, it is time to order it. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to find a company to help you. Before ordering, you may want to go online to find similar options, because they may be cheaper. If the business you select offers price-matching, you may want to show them what you found to help get a lower price if possible.

Construction and Installation

Once the order is placed for your customised door, they will work to manufacture it and get it sent to you. Once it is sent, you will need to have it installed. While it is possible to do it yourself, you may void the warranty or cause other problems. It is usually best to allow professionals to install your pivot doors.

If you want to know how to choose pivot doors, you’ll find a lot of helpful pictures on Central Glass and Aluminium. Once you’ve decided, contact them to give them specifications and other information.


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