How to Choose an AV System Design Partner

Whether your space is corporate, education, or government, choosing an AV system design partner can be overwhelming. There are choices that must be made concerning budgets, business goals, and needs of managers and users. Who should you trust to lead the design process? This can be complicated, but there are some logical steps to take in order to choose the right partner.

When selecting a partner, make sure they understand that the AV system design should align with the organization’s strategic goals. The vendor should take the time to understand the overall concept of the AV design. Most AV design concepts will be based on the conversations with the leadership team, technical teams, and end-user. If the proposed design does not sound like it meets those needs, then you may want to consider other options. Your AV design should be built around the organization’s needs.

Once the design is agreed upon, then find a vendor who has a stellar reputation for AV design. Ask for references. Once the system is installed and integrated, ask the vendor to complete a full quality control test of the system. Never allow the project to be completed without proper testing. After testing, a complete walkthrough of the final system with your team members is needed. This is a crucial step. Make sure all expectations were met. Is the AV system integrated with your existing equipment? Was new equipment installed? Were all the goals achieved?

In order to make an informed decision, research each vendor before making a final choice. Check the website of the potential vendor and read their client testimonials. If case studies are listed, read them carefully.

By doing a little research and preparation, you may save yourself a lot of headache and frustration later on.


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