The decision to hire a company or individual for Dog Walking in Omaha NE is one that pet owner should not take lightly. After all, the health and safety of their favorite furry friends will be placed into the hands of the professional who is chosen, sometimes for hours a day. It’s best to entrust animals to the care of a professional for these kinds of services, no matter how highly recommended the neighborhood teenager trying to make a few bucks doing odd jobs may be. Keep the following things in mind when looking for a good fit.

First Impressions Matter

Dogs, like people, form instant first impressions of everyone they meet. If that first impression shows signs of strain, it’s a good idea to look elsewhere. Of course, the level of importance conferred upon this first meeting will be dependent on the dog’s temperament. Owners know their pups. If it’s clear that the dog is more uncomfortable than he or she normally is with strangers, look elsewhere.

Consider the Dog’s Unique Needs

Owners of dogs that have even minor behavioral problems should only entrust certified trainers with their pups, even for short walks. Dog walkers may be able to handle a little bit of tugging on the leash here and there, but they aren’t trainers. If the dog requires extra attention, it’s best to ask about qualifications and experience prior to hiring someone for Dog Walking in Omaha NE.

Avoid Pack Walks

Some dog walkers take on as many as four or five dogs at once. It’s clear just from watching them that this is not a good idea. Dogs that do not know each other well usually feel uncomfortable with that kind of prolonged proximity to other animals, which can lead to trouble even if all of the dogs being walked are well-trained and docile under ordinary circumstances.

Emergency Planning

Make sure that anyone walking or even just watching a dog while it’s owner is away has a solid plan for dealing with emergencies. This should include both a basic knowledge of first-aid and knowing who to call for help. Want to ensure that those furry friends get professional care and ample exercise while their owners are away? Visit for information about one local kennel that offers comfort, convenience, and the best possible care.

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