How To Choose A Hula Event While On Vacation

When visiting Hawaii, there are lots of things essential to see and do that bring together the culture, cuisine, and beautiful weather. One of the most popular stops for visitors is a Hula Event. Here, in addition to a wonderful meal and special ambiance, it is possible to learn more about the island and its history through song and dance. While there are lots of different luaus to choose from, not every event is created equal. Here are some tips for finding just the right event while on vacation.

Research the Menu

There are lots of different traditional Hawaiian foods that you can expect at the Hula Event. One of the most interesting for visitors tends to be the pig cooked in an oven underground. Poi is another menu item that will be featured at most traditional shows. If you are traveling with small children or a person with dietary restrictions, it is important to take a closer look at the food and find out if there are any alternatives to the traditional fare.

Check Out the Seating Arrangements

While the food is great, the entertainment is usually the main reason people come out to a luau. There are so many different things going on, and you don’t want to miss any part of it. Be sure to find out what the seating arrangements are like for each show. It makes sense to plan in advance and work hard to get great seats. You want to be able to take in everything possible while the show is going on! Be sure to look for a seating chart.

Learn More About the Event’s Agenda

What is it that you want to see at the luau? Most people want to see the traditional hula dances, but there is so much more for guests to enjoy. Some hula parties allow guests to watch as the pig is removed from the underground oven and brought over to the main table. Others include various Polynesian dances, and a few allow guests to take in the Samoan fire dancing. This is sure to take your breath away.

While there are lots of options available, if you want an authentic experience that looks to bring you the “Spirit of Old Hawaii,” be sure to visit Germaine’s Luau. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.


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