How to Choose a Doctor in Maui

Finding a qualified Doctor in Maui doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge. It does, however, involve doing just a little bit of homework to ensure that all necessary services will be provided. Not all offices provide the same services or have the same areas of specialization and expertise, so those with pre-existing conditions should be particularly careful when choosing a new doctor. Those who do not should still be aware that not all offices can provide for their needs. Below are a few things to consider before making a final choice.

Access to Emergency Services

Just about any doctor can perform a physical, and many offices claim to provide basic emergency care. If walk-ins are accepted during office hours but office hours are extremely limited and all tests must be performed off-site chances are a call to the doctor will end with a suggestion to just head to the hospital. Since patients receive better care from doctors and other medical professionals who are familiar with their medical histories, it’s best to inquire specifically as to what emergency services are provided and what hours they are available.

In-House Testing

Many offices must send even simple blood tests away for testing and refer patients to the hospital for diagnostic imaging such as X-Ray tests. It’s much more convenient to attend a physician’s office that can provide for these basic needs on-site.

Questions of Insurance

Patients who have been involved in a car accident or have been injured at work need to be particularly careful about choosing a doctor who will accept the insurance that will pay for their treatment. Not all doctors accept worker’s compensation insurance or accident claims. If an injured patient’s current primary care doctor does not, he or she will need to look into finding qualified professional that does to treat their injuries.

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