How to Choose a Cold Storage Logistics Partner

In order to grow and prosper, your Florida business needs to focus on what it does best – designing and manufacturing your product and getting the word out to your customers. However, this still leaves you with the challenge of getting your product to retailers so your customers can purchase it. The right cold storage logistics partner can ensure that your products are delivered safely and on time throughout Florida. How do you choose the right 3PL company, though?

Modern Technology

One of the first considerations you will need to make is the age and condition of the company’s trucks and refrigeration equipment. Transporting refrigerated products through the heat of Florida requires nothing less than cutting-edge technology. It ensures that your products are kept at the appropriate temperature at all times, without any worries about temperature changes.

Tracking and Communication

In the past, manufacturers had to simply trust that their shipments were going to arrive on time, and were where they should be. That did not always work out. However, modern technology ensures that you can track your shipment anywhere in the state of Florida, from I-95 to I-75 to Florida’s Turnpike, and everywhere in between. This gives you the ability to always know where your products are, whether they will be on time, and to provide updates to others involved in the shipment process. You should also be able to communicate with the driver hauling your shipment.

The Right Temperature

The right cold storage logistics partner will be able to ensure that your shipment is maintained at the perfect temperature at all times, whether it must remain frozen, or if it needs ambient temperatures. Look for a partner that offers both frozen and ambient temperature transport from point a to the end of the line.

Beyond Florida

Finally, make sure that you’re working with a logistics company that can get your product to where it needs to go, wherever that might be within the continental US.

At DGD Transport, we take a lot of pride in both our proprietary technology (TRUCK HUB), which allows constant tracking and direct communication with drivers, as well as our dedication to transparency at all stages of the shipping process. We invite you for more information and to learn why we should be your cold storage logistics partner of choice.


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