Usually, you want to avoid putting things in your printer that would require you to need Computer Repair in Aurora IL. What if you’re a crafter that likes to print on fabric? Running fabric through your printer means you risk breaking it, but there are a few tips you can use that will make the process safer and gentler on your printer.

Use Spray Adhesive
In order to print on fabric you have to attach it to something thicker, such as cardstock, so that it runs through the printer like paper. Always attach the fabric to the cardstock using spray adhesive. It coats the entire paper so none of the fabric is loose. Other glues might create raised edges or areas that don’t glue. Those edges can become lodged in the printer.

Don’t Use Fabric that Frays
Only choose fabrics that don’t fray. Those frayed edges will snap on the printer, and that makes fabrics crumple up and become lodged inside. Good luck dislodging that paper and fabric. It doesn’t matter if you’ve managed to glue down those frayed edges, the inner workings of the printer will grab them anyway.

Cut the Fabric to the Correct Size
Fabric that isn’t paper size will become jammed in the printer. Always cut a piece of fabric larger than your cardstock. Glue it to the cardstock with spray adhesive and then cut off the excess fabric around the cardstock. This way, the fabric will always be the correct size.

Use Thin Fabric
Thick fabrics won’t run through the printer. They will become jammed. Treat your fabric like a piece of paper. You wouldn’t run thick paper through a printer, right? Always avoid thick and fluffy fleece materials. They never work in a printer.

Use the Highest Quality Printer Setting
The best way to print on fabric is to use the highest quality printer setting. It will use lots of ink, but that ink will soak into the fabric, so you need more of it to end up with a clear picture. If you don’t use the highest quality setting, you might need to print the image a second or third time.

Even if you follow these steps, you might accidentally damage your printer. Click Here for more information on Computer Repair in Aurora IL, if you experience any problems.

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