How to Acquire SSI for a Minor Through a Social Security Lawyer

In Oklahoma, parents of children with disabilities could acquire supplemental security income to ensure that their child’s medical needs are met. The benefits give them access to Medicaid insurance and monetary benefits for their child. The following is how to acquire SSI for a minor through a Social Security lawyer.

Start with a Referral

If parents suspect that their child has a physical or mental disability, they need to schedule an appointment with their primary doctor. The child’s doctor provides them with a referral to visit a doctor that possesses skills associated with the type of disability they believe the child possesses. The new doctor can provide an assessment to define if a disability exists.

Seek a Diagnosis and Treatment

The new doctor provides a complete diagnosis of the condition and the appropriate treatment. They accumulate records of this disability that show how it will affect the child’s life. It may also define whether or not the child needs additional medical treatment or changes in their educational program. This documentation provides clear evidence of the disability and offers support for a disability claim.

Start a Disability Claim

The parents complete an application for SSI and submit it with the medical documentation to the SSA. The Social Security Administration reviews the claim and schedules an appointment with doctors chosen by this government agency to complete a full assessment. After the SSA acquires the findings of these assessments, this agency provides a decision about the claim.

Follow Instructions Provided by the Social Security Administration

If the claim is denied, the claimant has the right to appeal the decision. The claimant may contact an attorney and file for the appeal. The appeal is a request to acquire a new assessment of the claim by a judge. The judge reviews the medical records from the original doctor to make a final decision.

In Oklahoma, parents of disabled children could acquire supplemental security income. These monetary benefits assist them in acquiring all medical treatment and requirements for their child. The benefits offer financial assistance for the child when the child becomes an adult and cannot support themselves financially. Parents who want to file a claim contact a Social Security lawyer by visiting for more information now.


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