How Stone Treads Can Accentuate and Ground Homes With a Stone Façade

Stone is a prominent material in home exteriors throughout the United States. There are colonial style homes, contemporary homes, and modern homes that benefit from a stone façade.

Stone gives a home a timeless quality. It makes a home look organic, as if it was connected to the earth. However, when a person looks at the stone homes around the United States, they have to agree that most of them look like they have been artificially placed on top of a lush landscape. There’s nothing that connects the stone home to the surrounding earth conceptually. Stone treads in New Jersey landscapes can make that connection between the home and the ground it sits on. 

When creating the right landscape for a stone home, a homeowner has to first understand that what works for their neighbors who have wood or aluminum siding on the exterior of their home will not work for them. Stone treads in New Jersey help a home with a stone façade to look like it is a blending in with the green landscape around it.
It may seem counterproductive to add more stone to a landscape. However, doing so grounds the home visually. It can pull the home forward, making it feel part of the space that it occupies. Homeowners want to be sure to match the size of the stone treads to the house. They don’t want them to look like an afterthought or like a weekend project.

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