How Prevent Your Access Control Systems From Being Compromised

The technology that is used in the creation of Access control Systems has improved a lot over the years. However, as the technology improves, burglars and hackers are getting smarter too. Previously, when burglars wanted to gain access to a home with CCTV cameras and a Biometric Access control System, they would use rudimentary antics such as swinging a bat the camera and killing the live feed.

However, with the entry of security monitoring companies that sense trouble and notify authorities immediately, burglars have found it necessary to get smarter options. Nowadays, tech savvy thieves will hack into your system, gain access and take what they want so effortlessly that you will never know you were hacked. Here are some tips to help you protect your access control systems from being compromised.

Have a person watch live camera feeds regularly

When CCTV cameras have been compromised, there will be telltale signs in the recorded footage. Tricks that burglars use to cheat the system include disconnecting the camera and supplying a previous date’s footage to act as the day’s video. An expert will be able to use the date and time stamps that come with the footage to tell when this trick has been used.

Use hard to hack passwords

When you are creating passwords for the alarm systems, you should not think in terms of the passwords that will be easy for you to remember. Using birthdates, important years in your life and kids and pet names are some of the easiest ways to get your systems hacked. Instead, think about passwords that give away nothing about you. Random letters and numbers will be very hard to guess. Also, be careful about where you keep your access cards.

Security monitoring companies

You can try and handle your security systems to the best of your ability. However, at some point, you will have to allow experts to handle the systems for you. Security monitoring companies have many years of experience in ensuring that no one gains unauthorized access to certain areas of the home.

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