How Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops Add To Your Minneapolis Home

Making the decision to choose natural stone countertops for your Minneapolis is not always easy. Often people only look at the initial price of natural stone compared to other options, and they fail to take in the big picture view of the choice.

To help to understand how quartz, marble and granite kitchen countertops can add to your home, it is essential to step back and consider both the short and long-term benefits and advantages over other counter options.


Natural stone kitchen countertops are one of the most durable counter options on the market. There are marble and granite fixtures, counters, floors and buildings that are thousands of years old and still standing today.

Often people assume that marble and granite are easily damaged. In fact, with sealing of the surface every few years, these counters can resist stains and etching. They are also more durable than tile, wood or laminate even with continual use in busy households.

Ease of Care

Sealing of marble and granite makes it very easy to maintain. Quartz countertops are non-porous and do not require sealing. All of these kitchen countertops can be maintained by daily wiping down with a dry cloth to remove dust and debris, and simply wipe up of spills.

There is specialized natural stone cleaner available for deeper cleaning, and etching or staining can be removed with specialized products designed just for these types of requirements.

Adding Market Value

Adding natural stone counters in Minneapolis kitchens and bathrooms can also add value to the home. Many new home buyers are looking for upgraded homes and place a higher value on those featuring natural stone.

Over and above what buyers are looking for, natural stone holds its value over time. It shows beautifully to prospective buyers, which is an important consideration for anyone to keep in mind.


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