How Much Will An Asbestos Survey Cost?

If you are wondering how much an asbestos survey cost, you must be concerned about asbestos being present in your property. Since 1985 the use of asbestos has been banned in the UK BUT if your building was built before 1985 there is a good chance that asbestos was used in some of the materials so you may have a right to be concerned. Asbestos was used as an insulator on pipes, ceilings and even in walls. It was most commonly used on ceilings. It was found to be a serious health threat and banned from use.

The Factors of the Costs

The cost can be actually affordable to determine if there is an asbestos issue. The right company will keep the cost affordable to better serve their customers. There are different types of surveys that are used to determine if asbestos is present and the steps needed to take to remove it. It all really depends on what your plans are for example if you plan on:

  • Demolition
  • Remodelling
  • Or you just want to know

If you plan on demolition you can contact a company that handles both demolition and asbestos removal to come out and do the survey. They will need to know if there is asbestos present before the demolition can start because the asbestos has to be treated differently during the demolition process. If you plan on remodelling you should have an asbestos survey done so you know what you are dealing with and for safety sake. In some cases you just want to know whether your health is at risk. Each scenario requires a different survey approach and may differ in cost.

Ultimately when you are concerned about the cost of an asbestos survey you really have to ask yourself “how much is my good health worth?”

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