How Much Do You Know About Slate Roofing in Nassau County NY?

Property owners who see slate roofing in Nassau County NY might wish to learn more about it. Slate is one of the oldest roofing materials in the country. It can be seen on buildings that are centuries old. This material is prized for its beautiful appearance, durability, and it’s ability to last. Homeowners should be aware of both its advantages and disadvantages.

The Benefits

It’s easy to recognize the advantages of slate roofing in Nassau County NY. The most obvious advantage is how great slate can make a building look. Slate is something that can go with just about any style of building. The material is natural stone and can be recycled. That means that it is a green solution that helps the environment. Slate can last a long time and it’s not unheard of for slate to last longer than the buildings it is used to make roofs for.


When it comes to slate as a roofing material, there aren’t really any complaints by most people. Cost is the one thing that usually stops homeowners from getting slate roofs. Even if a person can afford to get a slate roof, they can have problems finding installers who are qualified to work with slate roofs. Even if a roofer is great and has been in business for decades, they might not have much experience with slate. If a person can afford slate and has an experienced roofer to install it, they shouldn’t have any problems.


Another thing to consider when using slate is weight. Understand that slate is natural stone and can be extremely heavy. A property will have to be surveyed to ensure that it is indeed capable of handling the weight of a slate roof. In some cases, modifications can help make it possible for a building to support slate roofs. Contact us to find out more about getting a slate roof installed.

Nowadays, property owners can use computer programs to easily see what their homes will look like with different types of roofs. Although looks are important, people want to look beyond appearance and think about durability, longevity, cost, and maintenance. Slate is a great option that definitely offers more than looks.


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