How General Dentistry in Puyallup WA Can Determine Toothache Causes

Bruxism consists of constant friction associated with an unintentional and violent grinding of the teeth (lower and upper). This phenomenon can sometimes be noisy and annoying, not so much for those who are affected by it, but for those around it. Local Dentistry in Puyallup WA could determine the problem quickly.

Signs and Symptoms

* Bruxism is an involuntary grinding of the teeth determined by the involuntary contraction of the jaw muscles. Clinical evidence states that:

* Bruxism promotes dental abrasions

* Severe bruxism does damage to the alveolar bone and can “detach” gums

* The progressive wear of the teeth starts at the level of the enamel (teeth are destroyed by continuous friction)

Living with dental pain

Toothaches are common, ranging from dental infections to stress and hearing disorders to heart problems. Depending on the nature of a toothache, the pain felt may have a different connotation. For example, sometimes a toothache occurs gradually, while on other occasions it will suddenly begin.

Even though people can control their toothaches with pain medications, there are times where the pain is so excruciating that the tooth must come out. In mild cases, toothaches are noticed under certain conditions: for example, when eating foods or drinking fluids that are too hot or cold or salty or rich in sugar.

Interpreting your toothache

Since all forms of toothaches presuppose the need for adequate dental visits, it is important to know how to interpret the signs your mouth is sending. To assess a toothache, people need to consider some important parameters:

* Intensity of pain (tolerable, strong, atrocious, unbearable)

* Location of the toothache (molars, canines, wisdom teeth, involves more than one tooth, etc.)

* Frequency: continuous or intermittent pain

* Possible pain relief or an increase in pain with hot, cold, bitter, salty, acidic, sweetened foods and liquids

* The onset (sudden and progressive pain)

* Co-presence of other symptoms like gingival bleeding, fever, bad breath, and so on

Recognizing the type

Knowing how to recognize the type and intensity of a toothache, as well as being able to locate pain, is important. Dentistry in Puyallup WA is designed to do just that. Being able to describe in your own words can be extremely helpful to the doctor.


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