How Does An Air Balance Hood Help in HVAC Maintenance

A lot of work will go into keeping your home’s HVAC unit in good working order. If you neglect to have necessary maintenance performed on your unit, it will usually lead to a variety of damages. Working closely with HVAC contractors in Jacksonville is the best way to ensure all of the essential repairs needed to keep your unit healthy is being done properly. One of the key things your unit needs to function properly is the right amount of air flow. Below are some of the reasons why using an air balance hood can be beneficial when maintaining an HVAC unit.

Measuring the Air Velocity

Most HVAC contractors in Jacksonville will use these types of hoods to measure the air velocity in your unit. Getting an idea of what the velocity is will help a technician figure out whether or not there are repair issues present. Over time, your unit may begin to have problems that can diminish the air flow it has. Leaving these types of problems unattended can lead to severe repair issues. The money paid to HVAC contractors for this type of maintenance will more than pay off when you are able to keep your unit in good working order.

Knowing When The Unit Needs to Be Replaced

While air balance hoods are generally used during HVAC maintenance, they can also let you know when a replacement unit is needed. If the airflow of your unit is at consistently lower levels, it may be an indication that the unit is having trouble keeping up with demand. Instead of leaving a worn out unit in place, you will need to make an effort to get it replaced in a hurry. Be sure to speak with your HVAC contractors to get some advice on the type of replacement unit to get.

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