How Does a Solar Panel in Ogden Utah Work?

The idea of installing solar panels as a backup to the main power grid is nothing new. In fact, many homeowners have used this approach to ensure they have power no matter what happens to the grid. What remains a mystery to some people is how a Solar Panel in Ogden Utah actually works. In fact, the function is easier to understand than most think.

Harvesting Energy from Sunlight

A Solar Panel in Ogden Utah manages the conversion process that makes it possible to harvest energy from sunlight. While the device is referred to as a panel, it is actually a series of double-layered cells that act in conjunction to convert the light into energy. This is done by utilizing particles of light known as photons. The photons interact with atoms and free the electrons that are the basis for the collected energy. As the panel collects the energy, it is transferred to a battery or fed directly into the home wiring.

Applications for Solar Panels

There are many ways to utilize solar panels and batteries as part of a home energy network. For some people, the equipment is set up to store energy for use when and as it is needed. If the main power grid fails, all it takes is a flip of a switch to draw energy from the batteries. There are some systems designed to make the switch automatically if the usual power source is out for a specified amount of time.

Others use solar energy in conjunction with the energy received from the main power grid. This makes it possible to reduce dependency on the grid for certain tasks, such as operating freezers or providing the power for a home entertainment system. Thanks to the use of solar energy, the homeowner will enjoy a lower power bill each month.

For anyone who would like to explore the idea of setting up a solar panel system at home, talk with the team at One Solar today. It will not take long to go over the different ways to configure the system, where to set up the panels, and even how to get the most use from the equipment.


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