How Dental Veneers Can Help Rebuild the Natural Appearance of Your Teeth

Dental veneers are one of the top dental treatments available today that can help a person correct a dental issue. Shortened, cracked, chipped, or discolored teeth are just a few reasons why a person would want to find a dental procedure to fix their flawed teeth. Often called porcelain veneers, this technique uses a wafer-thinned shell that is connected to the front of the individual’s tooth. The shell is bonded to the tooth that will allow a dentist to lengthen a shortened tooth or change its shape. Created from a resin composite, dental veneers in South Loop are stain resistant to help prevent discoloring and give the persona a more natural look to their teeth.

Ideal Candidate for Veneers

To qualify for dental veneers in the South Loop a dentist will take into consideration their past and current dental health. For a person that has good oral and periodontal health can be an ideal candidate for the procedure. The enamel on their teeth must be healthy since the procedure requires the dentist to remove a thin layer before they apply the bonding material. Another factor that can influence whether a dentist will decide if a person eligible for dental veneers is their devotion to oral hygiene and care. Someone that does not properly care for their teeth regularly may require a different treatment to correct their dental problem.

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