How Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers Help Their Clients

The decision to seek help with debt issues is never an easy one. For some people, strategies like debt consolidation and other methods are not viable, leaving the possibility of filing for bankruptcy protection. Choosing to talk with one of the chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers will make it clear if this is really the right way to go.

When most people think of filing for bankruptcy, the first thing that comes to mind is seeking a chapter 7 arrangement. While this is possible in some cases, it pays to know that not all types of debt can be discharged using this method; in addition, not everyone qualifies for this type of protection. As any of the chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers will explain, there are times when using this alternative form of bankruptcy is in the interests of the client.

For example, perhaps the client does not pass the means test that is used to determine eligibility for a chapter 7 action, but there may be an excellent chance that the same client will qualify for a chapter 13 action. While this latter choice does not discharge all the debt, it does place the client under the protection of the court and make it possible to repay those debts using some type of manageable schedule. It will take between three and five years to manage, but at the end of that time the client will be debt free.

Dealing with Delinquent Taxes
While there are some situations that would allow tax debt to be discharged as part of a bankruptcy action, meeting those requirements is not easy; in fact, most people will not be able to include tax debt in a chapter 7 action. When this is the case, the lawyer is likely to recommend a chapter 13 bankruptcy. While under the protection of the bankruptcy court, no tax agency will be able to impose liens on property, bank accounts, or any other assets and, provided the client is diligent in making the court ordered payments on time, there will be no need to worry about any type of property seizures or liens on a bank account.

Before assuming nothing can be done, visit website and arrange to speak with an attorney. It will not take long to determine if a chapter 13 bankruptcy would be the better solution.


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