How Business Analytics Training Will Boost Your Career Opportunities

Choosing to attend the RSquare Edge business analytics training in New York is a very positive choice for those professionals and students interested in gaining the professionals skills and knowledge to get into this very important area of business.

In the professional world, there are several things that come into play when hiring or when considering employees for in-house advancements. Knowing what an employer is looking for in an upper level professional, or positioning yourself to get into the workplace above an entry-level position is critical to expanding your career opportunities both now and in the future.

Shows Personal Interest in Growth and Development

For students or for current professionals in the business world, taking the initiative to attend our business analytics training, which is a 12-week immersion program, shows a unique focus on professional development.

Our CDAP or Certified Data Analytics Practitioner has been developed and endorsed by some of the leaders of industry as well as by highly recognized academics. With a Leadership Council that constantly provides information and feedback on what business needs, our training is ahead of the curve when it comes to real world application as well as theoretical understandings.

See Possibilities

One of the most important ways to increase your career opportunities is to have the ability to see gaps or failures of current analytics and dada management systems. Though the RSquare Edge CDAP business analytics training, you will be able to identify missing metrics and analytics that are preventing a business from getting full use of the data. This creates the possibility of immediately having a positive effect on a business, which is certainly a great start to any career.

Through case studies and scenarios, you will work with actual data and learn to problem-solve and work through simple to complex issues in working with SAS software to complete comprehensive data analysis.

A Rounded Education

While there are other business analytics training options in New York, we provide a comprehensive and inclusive type of training that focuses in on statistics, computer software and business management strategies. This complete system of interlocking concepts and ideas allows our students to see the big picture, and make the most effective used of analytics based on the entire business model and future plans.

We also believe very strongly in our role in assisting our students finding the job they are looking for. Throughout your business analytics training at RSquare Edge you will have support from our career services department, helping you to connect with potential employers starting on Day 1 of the training.


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